With DynamicPoint’s upgrade of the AP Automation product, EasyAP365, we had 16 confirmations on why to use Microsoft Power Automate to trigger the review and approval of invoices. Some are no-brainers, but many push the envelope on your wildest automation thoughts!
No-brainers for workflow…  Alerts of the EasyAP365 text

1.    Create approval tasks and send email notifications
2.    Assign a task in Outlook
3.    Generate reminders if reviewers don’t act in a timely fashion
4.    Generate mobile notifications for reviewers

Thinking outside of the box…

5.    Store invoices in Dropbox, OneDrive or SharePoint for collaboration with team members
6.    If a review is needed, create a meeting in Outlook or GoToMeeting to discuss with your team
7.    Have the invoice electronically signed using Adobe Sign or DocuSign
8.    Kickoff new vendor process and/or form if the vendor doesn’t exist
9.    Automatically notify the vendor if there are any issues, questions, or requirements for additional documentation

But can your Invoice Automation solution do this? 

10.    Allow mobile uploads of invoices from iPhone and Android apps
11.    Post status updates back to your vendor portal such that they can check payment status or respond to any requests
12.    Convert pdf invoice format into a searchable form using OCR
13.    Create a task in your project management system such as Microsoft Project or JIRA
14.    Notify individuals of review tasks using Skype, Slack, or Basecamp
15.     Full integration with Microsoft Teams
16.    Translate to a different language for international review

Plus, you likely get all 16 automation reasons with your current Office 365 subscription! Start leveraging this functionality without any additional costs and streamline your AP Automation process today.

By Mike Marcin, DynamicPoint
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