Are you spending too much time, energy, and resources on customer, vendor or employee service requests that could be managed directly by the person requesting the information?

You are not the only one. Several B2B companies are struggling to provide their customers, vendors or employees a streamlined, user-friendly self-service portal that is fully integrated with their ERP or CRM system. The main obstacles include high costs, complicated data integrations combined with the need to provide a secure, flexible solution with an intuitive user experience.

The Necessity of Self-Service Support

Statistics show that 3 out of 4 users choose to solve their issues on their own, and a whopping 90% of users expect a self-service option for addressing their inquiries and expect the availability of an online portal. The reality is that many users would prefer not to deal with the problems they are facing, so they choose not to call for support and are left with a poor impression of your company. By giving the users what they want, you are saving your company time, money, and resources while enhancing customer and partner satisfaction.

How Portals Can Help

That’s why we created the DynamicPoint Portal app that turns a Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Extranet into a customer, vendor or employee portal with real time integration to your ERP or CRM system. You can allow interaction with your ERP or CRM data including Inventory, Purchasing, Fulfillment, Support, Sales, Accounting and more. We leverage the power of the Office 365 SharePoint framework in conjunction with real time integrated data, including such options as workflow, mobile apps and report generation, to deliver a robust and flexible self-service solution that is easy to use.

The options are endless, but to get you thinking, here are some common customer portal functions:

  • View order details and create new transactions
  • Manage company contact information
  • View inventory
  • Print statements
  • See and pay invoices
  • Open support cases and request returns

For a supplier or vendor portal, common uses include:

  • View purchase orders and supply updates
  • Provide fulfillment status and shipping details
  • View inventory
  • Vendor onboarding, including W-9 and company forms
  • See existing invoices and submit new for payment
  • Share KPIs and performance goals

Our team has been in business for over a decade working with amazing brands and organizations to expand the reach of their ERP and CRM system using SharePoint. If you are interested in learning more and setting up a live demonstration, please click on this link to schedule your free consultation today.

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