Digital Transformation involves leveraging the tools and technology that we use every day in different and unique ways to better serve our customers.  An example can be seen in our development of SharePoint Portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (now Microsoft Dynamics 365) & ERP.  Companies use SharePoint every day to collaborate with other employees, often manually publishing information that was obtained from their ERP system.  We took this simple idea, expanded the community to include customers and/or vendors, and automated the integration with Dynamics.

Repetitive and mundane customer service tasks such as resending a customer invoice, statement or order status can be eliminated by offering this information via a SharePoint portal.  One particular client took this a step further and published all their customers’ tax reports so that they were available to the client without the need to manually generate and email them.  This efficiency can also be applied to vendor relations including such processes as invoicing and payment, product design and project management.

Typical Portal Use Cases:

  • Issue Statements. If you are challenged by supplying customers’ statements which pull key finance resources off more pressing tasks at the end of each month, extend secure portal access to customers so they can access and print statements online, on demand.
  • Reprinting of Invoices. The all too common task of contacting the finance department to confirm open invoices can stop with the extension of 24/7 access to open invoices and a historical payment record. Curb the calls to finance, stop the flood of emails and allow customers to access and even print open invoices!
  • Purchase Order Updates. Vendor emails swirling with revised “Promised Delivery Date” and actual “Ship Dates”? Allow vendors secure access to open purchase orders and allow them to update the PO with actuals and shipping information that flows directly back to Dynamics to ensure all parties have access to the most current information.

The seamless two-way integration between your existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP information and a secure and customizable SharePoint portal gives customers and vendors more effective, accurate, profitable and FASTER customer service experiences. Your business will appreciate the savings in time and resources as you move repetitive customer service inquiries online rather than handling them on the phone or by email. Additionally, not only do customers and vendors demand 24/7 access, they appreciate it and you can anticipate increased customer satisfaction.

This is just one of the ways that digital transformation can benefit your business processes. For many more examples, download the white paper: What the Heck is Digital Transformation and What Does it Mean for Your Business?

Do you have other ideas on how a Portal can transform your business? If so, contact us to further discuss your automation efforts for Customer, Vendor or Employee Portal.

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