Microsoft Dynamics CRM

DynamicPoint’s integration with CRM applications started with client requests to have an Office 365 SharePoint based customer service¬† and support portal. This led DynamicPoint to create a full integration of its portal product with Dynamics 365 for Sales and Customer Engagement.

We achieve our integration with Dynamics 365 using the product’s native web services.¬† This API (application program interface) provides a robust toolset for Dynamics CRM integration that leverage’s the applications business logic and is accordance with the Microsoft suggested best practices. Data can be read as well as written from our portal application.

Read more about the specific product integrations below:

Customer & Vendor Portals

Create a customer, vendor or employee portal with integration to Dynamics 365 Sales using SharePoint. Create customer support cases, view order status, update contact details and manage a knowledge base using an Office 365 based customer portal. Provide a collaboration window to any of the information that resides within your Microsoft 365 CRM system. Set permissions to enable view only, edit or create functionality.

Customer & Vendor Portals