Dynamics 365 Finance

DynamicPoint offers an integration with its customer and vendor portal application with Dynamics 365 Finance. Long time Dynamics Finance and Operation’s customers who remember the Dynamics AX enterprise portal appreciate the similar flexibility our portal app provides to Office 365 SharePoint.

Dynamics 365 Finance provide a native API (application program interface) that allows our portal app access to virtually any data within the ERP. We achieve our integration with Dynamics 365 Finance using the product’s robust set of REST (ODATA) web services. Permissions can be configured to limit user interaction to just view or allow full edit and create access.

Read more about the specific product integrations below:

Customer & Vendor Portals

Create a customer, vendor or employee portal with integration to Dynamics 365 FO. Allow the inclusion of any Dynamics 365 Finance information from a SharePoint extranet. This includes such features as order creation, updates to customer records, integration after sales approval or payment processing.  Similar features are available for vendors. External suppliers can use a vendor portal to view their purchases orders, confirm shipments, provide fulfillment details or see invoice payment status.

Customer & Vendor Portals