Has your company adopted the Microsoft Teams platform yet? In addition to enhanced collaboration and communication, you can easily manage your invoice approval tasks directly from Teams. This benefit comes to you at no cost, as Teams offers integration with the same workflow engine (Microsoft Power Automate) we use for all of our products, including EasyAP365.

This feature makes managing your invoice approval tasks even easier.  There’s no need to keep track of emails or open tasks, and you can view your entire queue direct from Teams.

Here’s what it looks like:

Invoice automation from Microsoft TeamsI

If you’re looking for more robust AP functionality, EasyAP365 is an affordable Microsoft Office 365 invoice automation app, streamlining accounts payable through flexible submittal methods, OCR, predefined templates, and integration to Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. Leveraging SharePoint’s document libraries, email integration, and OneDrive storage, EasyAP365 supports secure, collaborative and paperless invoice processing through mobile, access anywhere and automated workflows.

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Streamlining your invoice approval tasks is now easier than ever: Watch a demo today. 

By DynamicPoint
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