Are you looking to improve customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and improve efficiencies at your company? Customer and vendor web portals do just that while providing 24/7 self-service access to critical data. DynamicPoint’s portal application makes it easy to access and share customer, vendor or employee information from your ERP or CRM systems. And with new enhancements to Microsoft Power Automate, our features and workflow options just got even better.

Earlier in the Spring, Microsoft announced many new enhancements to the Microsoft Power Automate platform.  We had a chance to not only review these enhancements but begin leveraging them for workflow applications in our Office 365 SharePoint customer and vendor portals.  Here is a list of the ones that have already excited us, our customers and more importantly, their customers and partners!

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

After an order is complete, do you want to see how you did?  A customer satisfaction survey can be automatically sent upon shipment or invoice, soliciting feedback on your customer’s experience.  That data can be captured, routed for review and approval, and even generate remediation tasks if they are not fully satisfied.

Guest Users in Approvers

You are no longer limited to approvers being a part of your organization.  Now you can involve either your customers, vendors or contractors in the approval process.  For example, if a customer submits a new order or a vendor makes a change to a purchase order, in addition to your own team reviewing, you can have individuals from the client or vendor also involved in the approval of the change.

Attachments in Approvals

It is now possible to add attachments directly in your approval request.  So as opposed to a user having to link back to the portal to see the details of a new order, expected receipt date change, or dispute filed on an invoice, the details can be added as attachments directly to the approval task.

Extract Data from Emails and PDFs

Most of us are still receiving partner communications over files and emails.  Now you can extract that information, use it as criteria for workflow conditions and even capture it directly in your ERP/CRM system.

Convert Documents to PDFs

Have the desire to send your customer and vendors PDF confirmations, order specifications, contracts, etc. in PDF format?  These can now be dynamically generated directly from a document and emailed to your partner contact.  Are you still manually generating an order confirmation, shipment or receipt notice or invoice and emailing it?  Combine this automation with your SharePoint Office 365 Portal to offer a truly efficient and automated experience.

These are just the latest features that continue to build upon the workflow capabilities in DynamicPoint customer and vendor portals. We’ll keep you posted as new enhancements become available.

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By Mike Marcin, DynamicPoint
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