Want to improve customer and partner satisfaction, encourage engagement and collaboration, and do it as efficiently as possible. Web portals do just that while providing 24/7 self-service access to critical data?

DynamicPoint’s portal application makes it easy to access and share customer, vendor or employee information from your ERP or CRM systems. Using the Office 365 platform you can share ERP or CRM data securely with users. We establish a private connection to on-premise or cloud ERP data using the power of ODATA / REST web services to ensure the portal can provide any page, view or table. Plus the data is filtered to show only the relevant information for the customer, vendor or employee. You may also extend security permissions such as information is to be read only, editable or even allow for the creation of new transactions such as sales orders, support tickets, or returns. Additional functionality allows you to expose reports directly within the portal as a PDF for ease in downloading and sharing.

Our cloud solution doesn’t require any hardware or the installation of intensive applications. And the platform works on desktops, tablets, mobile devices, including numerous iOS and Android Apps. Once the critical organizational data you deem most relevant is within the portal, you can take advantage of SharePoint Office 365’s document libraries, Microsoft Flow workflows, Power App Forms, Power BI Reports and Dashboards. Incorporate your brand and corporate style to ensure the portal delivers the experience and look and feel you have worked hard to develop.

The end result is a quick to build, easy to use, Customer, Vendor or Employee Portal that incorporates relevant structured business data. You may also benefit from using unstructured collaboration tools such as document libraries, workflows, newsfeeds, asset libraries, blogs, wikis, analytics and so much more.

By Tiffany Allen, DynamicPoint
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