Did you think that AP Automation was simply out of budget? Or maybe thought you didn’t process enough invoices to justify the effort for embarking on this type of business automation?

Think again! In today’s paperless, digital business processes, EasyAP365 helps organizations streamline entry of up to 7,000 invoices per month without the high cost and complexity of enterprise AP solutions. EasyAP365 is the Microsoft Office 365 invoice automation app, streamlining accounts payable processes through:

  • Automation of invoice data entry with flexible submittal methods, from digital sources, including mobile, email and vendor portals.
  •  Rapid allocation assignment by vendor, expense type, department and more through predefined templates.
  •  An easy-to-use app with native integration to Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions.
  • No one-time setup fees and pay as you go licensing

Organizations currently processing hundreds to thousands of invoices each month through manual processes are the best prospects. In addition, if the organization works with the same vendors and suppliers regularly, they will get high value from the auto-assigned allocation templates.

Ideal Automation Candidates:

  • Distributors and manufacturers whose vendors are relatively constant and transmit invoices via email will greatly benefit from auto-assigned vendor templates.
  • A multi-location company that allocates expenses to different properties may take advantage of location-based allocation templates.
  • An organization that has complex allocations by department can rely on department-based allocation templates to streamline the invoice coding process.

The added bonus is the exclusive integration with all Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. An expert in AP management, DynamicPoint has been integrated with the Dynamics product line seamlessly via web services to ensure a fully automated solution. Plus, no one-time setup fees and pay as you go licensing.

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By Mike Marcin, DynamicPoint
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