By now we have all heard the Labor Department statistics on job openings and the challenges in finding qualified candidates. As of August 2nd, job openings totaled 10.7 million with 1.8 jobs available for every unemployed worker. Obviously finding key employees to add to your team is imperative, but in the short run, we all need to figure out how to supercharge our existing team with Office 365 automation so that we can get the work done and keep our customers happy.

One of the major enablers of this improved efficiency will be through the continued use of technology. Microsoft recently published a blog showcasing how technology can be leveraged to rebuild your frontline team here. A key component of this technological enablement will include Office 365. It serves as the backbone for most organizations for their communication, collaboration, and productivity.

In addition to standard Office 365, thousands of apps have been developed by Microsoft partners that can be found on the AppSource Marketplace, including DynamicPoint’s line of products.

DynamicPoint Apps and Office 365

All of DynamicPoint’s products leverage Office 365 including products such as SharePoint, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power BI. We offer three solutions covering Customer and Vendor Portals, AP Invoice Automation, and Employee Expense Management. Let’s briefly look at each of these apps and see how they can provide automation in areas where we most likely desperately need it.

Customer and Vendor Portal

Want to save your customers and vendors time from calling, emailing, and tying up support resources to get information? Provide them with a 24/7 self-service SharePoint portal. Automate time-consuming business processes such as contract renewal, vendor onboarding, and RFP management. More can be found on our product page.

AP Invoice Automation

Still receiving paper invoices, manually coding, obtaining approval with email, and hand typing into your ERP or accounting system for payment? DynamicPoint’s EasyAP365 invoice automation app uses SharePoint document storage, Power Automate workflows, OCR, and real-time ERP integration to digitally receive and process vendor invoices. More can be found on our product page.

Employee Expense Management

Are your employees filling out an Excel template for detailing their expenses, and attaching receipts to email to seek reimbursement for their travel or home office expenses? DynamicPoint’s EasyEXP365 leverages Power Apps mobile interfaces, integrated OCR, and Power Automate workflows to capture, code, and route employee out-of-pocket and corporate credit card expenditures for financial coding and reimbursement. More can be found on our product page.

In Conclusion

In the short run, we will need to turn to supercharging our existing team until the labor market returns to an equilibrium. These changes will become long-term benefits as we can offer future employees more satisfying positions in which they can achieve more through automation. Not only does this save time and money, but it also allows us how to focus on more valuable endeavors and remove the mundane from our daily tasks.  Learn more at or schedule a demo to hear how we can put these solutions to work for your organization.