DynamicPoint’s AP Invoice Automation product, EasyAP365, typically provides a very favorable return on investment in a short period of time.  To illustrate this, we’ve created the AP Invoice Automation ROI Calculator to determine your organization’s return on investment by automating account payable invoices. It’s super easy to use and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Simply follow 5 easy steps…

1.  Choose which EasyAP365 product licensing you would require (Basic or Professional).

2.  Add the average salary of those resources involved in accounts payable process.

3.  Indicate the number of AP employees involved in vendor invoice processing and the percentage of AP time spent processing vendor invoices.

4.  Add the average manager employee salary and the percentage of managerial time spent reviewing and approving.

5.  Input how much in vendor discounts you’re missing due to a slow approval and processing process that you can now expect to capture.

     *Results will vary and are dependent on variables added in each case.

CLICK HERE to try the Accounts Payable Invoice Automation ROI Calculator and see what you could be saving.

You can also check out our recent demo videos, view pricing details or schedule a 1:1 product demonstration.