Does your company use corporate cards that have been issued to employees?  If so, you like most organizations may find it very difficult to keep tabs on all of the expenses that are being racked up.  Don’t get all tied up in a filibuster over it, DynamicPoint’s SharePoint Expense Management Solution is here to help!  Our application automates the creation, review, and payment of employee expense reimbursement requests.  And most importantly, it can work hand in hand with all of those charges being placed on corporate credit cards.  The process works like this.

First, an administrator can enter a list of all the cards that have been issued and assign them to actual users within SharePoint.

Automate Credit Card Transactions by Employee

Second, any merchant category codes (MCC) can be mapped to Expense Types in our application.  This automates the assignment of expense types which in turn derive the underlying ledger accounts in Dynamics when the transaction is integrated.

Assign Expense Types by Merchant Category Codes

From there the credit card file can be imported and automatically assigned to the corresponding expense types and employees.

Associate Auto Loaded Credit Card Transactions to Expense Report

Finally, when a user creates an Expense Report they will have their transactions waiting for them to include on an expense report.

Include Credit Card Transactions in Expense Report

When the report is routed for approval the reviewing managers will be provided with a holistic view of an employee’s expenses, including credit card as well as out of pocket expenditures.  When the report is approved and integrated with Dynamics these transactions can be created as a payable against the credit card provider or as a journal entry to a credit card clearing account.

So steer clear of those fiscal cliffs by providing the visibility your team needs to keep tabs of credit card expenses.  As far as our government budget is concerned, we can only hope for such a conclusive outcome.

By Mike Marcin, DynamicPoint a California (CA) Microsoft SharePoint Partner.