Why look to a 3rd party, standalone application, for your expense reimbursement needs when you have SharePoint! There are many solutions available for accommodating employee expense management and reimbursement and essentially all have the same basic building blocks: Expense Entry Form, Approval Workflow, and ERP Integration. Based on those core requirements SharePoint should be 1st on your list for consideration. By utilizing the existing infrastructure and functionality of SharePoint you can drive down the cost while accommodating the unique needs of your organization. Sure some of the standalone applications may have additional bells and whistles but with that added complexity comes a hefty price tag. Consider the value of DynamicPoint’s Expense Reimbursement Solution for a more efficient method of managing expenses.

With the rapid adoption rate of SharePoint for Content Management many organizations are taking advantage of this user acceptance by leveraging SharePoint for applications as opposed to bolting on more 3rd party solutions. Instead of managing users, lists, and processes in multiple applications it is time to stop recreating the wheel and streamline the management of internal processes with SharePoint’s existing functionality:

Single Sign on and User Security – Stop setting up users and permissions in standalone applications when you can integrate with your Active Directory Windows authentication.

Expense Receipts – Maintain one central document repository by storing forms and attachment in SharePoint document libraries along with the rest of the organization’s documents

Workflow – Instead of maintaining a separate approval matrix, leverage either Active Directory or your ERP’s organizational structure.

Integration with Existing Applications – Rather than managing another SQL database all data is stored in existing SharePoint content databases plus native Outlook integration allows for ease in review and approval of requests.

Cost – In lieu of committing to an ongoing cost per user DynamicPoint’s SharePoint Solutions are a one-time, flat fee regardless of the number of users.

Shocked by the price tag of expense reimbursement solutions?

You don’t have to pay per user fees or over $15,000 to automate your expense reimbursement process. If your company is still dealing with Excel spreadsheets that are emailed around the organization for approval it is time to streamline the process. According to Aberdeen Group you can expect to reduce your costs by 60% when moving from a manual process to an automated/electronic one. However, ensure that you realize that ROI rapidly by adopting a cost effective SharePoint solution.  DynamicPoint’s SharePoint Expense Reimbursement Solution provides extended value over time based on a one-time flat fee with zero dependency on the number of users accessing the application.

If you are ready to eliminate paper trails with customizable online forms, quickly reimburse employees with automated approval processes, and seamlessly create payable transactions in Dynamics GP and NAV, view an online demonstration of DynamicPoint’s Expense Management product today.

By Mike Marcin, DynamicPoint a California (CA) Microsoft SharePoint Partner