The latest addition to the Microsoft Office 365 suite of products is AI builder.  This new application provides functionality to automate business processes and predict outcomes.   While many different models are available to perform such analysis as predict if leads are going to buy your product or route customer requests to the proper support queue, the model that is the most interesting from an invoice automation perspective is the form-processing model.  This model can be trained to extract information from forms, which includes vendor invoices.

The process to configure the application is quite simple.  Instructions for training the model and selecting the desired fields to return can be found here:  This model can be then called directly from Power Automate, as discussed in the following article:

This data can then be added back to the SharePoint library, for use by the DynamicPoint Invoice Automation application, EasyAP365.

Now that this metadata has been extracted from the invoice and is readily available, it can be used for vendor selection, account assignment and workflow routing rules within the DynamicPoint invoice automation product.

The resulting process flow is as follows:

This addition is yet another feature that adds to the power of the Microsoft Office 365 Power Platform and therefore enhances the functionality of DynamicPoint’s AP Invoice Automation application, EasyAP365.

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