DynamicPoint is proud to announce the beta release of its SharePoint Customer and Vendor Portal application. Built using the latest technology and hosted on Microsoft Azure, the Portal Service allows DynamicPoint to rapidly synchronize the data within a customer’s Dynamics AX (Axapta), Dynamics CRM, Dynamics GP (Great Plains), Dynamics NAV (Navision) or Dynamics 365 environment to a customer or vendor facing portal. The architecture of the application is very flexible in that it support Microsoft Dynamics installed either on premise or in the cloud. On the SharePoint side we are equally as flexible, supporting SharePoint Office 365 or installed on premise to a customer’s environment. The core of the application is DynamicPoint’s Portal Synchronization Server, which provides the connectivity, security and data mapping from your Microsoft Dynamics installation to SharePoint. This allows such information as Sales / Purchase orders, Customer / Vendor profile information and payment status to be published to a SharePoint extranet site. The data is filtered such that the external user only sees the information that is pertinent to them. Additionally, security to the site can be managed using Active Directory, Microsoft Live or Forms / Claims based authentication to ensure easy access to a group of customers or partners.

The resulting architecture of the solution is as follows:

Additionally, because all the information is stored directly on the SharePoint server in lists you reap the benefits of quick access to the data along with the flexible and extendable nature of SharePoint being integrated seamlessly with Dynamics Great Plains and Navision to tackle the following common use cases published in our previous blog post, SharePoint Online for Dynamics ERP Customer & Vendor Portals.

What does all of this mean for you?  Well, if you are interested in providing your customers or vendors a 24-7 portal site in which they can review reports, access and edit certain information in Dynamics, and perform such tasks as document management and workflow, then DynamicPoint has the answer.

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By Mike Marcin, DynamicPoint
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