FREE WEBINAR: Automate AP Invoice Processing with Office 365

According to industry statistics, 80% of vendor invoices have an exception outside of the normal workflow. How can you handle these exceptions effectively and efficiently? Learn how our EasyAP365 Invoice Automation solution (an Office 365 based app) leverages the Microsoft Power Platform to address your AP challenges flexibly, easily and cost-effectively.

In this upcoming webinar, we demonstrate key AP functionality including:

Creation of a check request for invoice submission
Processing of Invoices without a Purchase Order
Processing of Invoices related to Purchase Order with or without a separate goods receipt
Integration with Microsoft Power Automate (Previously called Flow)

Join us for a deeper dive into how our EasyAP365 product supports the various options of purchasing, invoice receipt and payment processes that exist. And while we’re at it, we will show you some cool Office 365 functionality that makes it that much better!