I think we can all agree that whenever we come out of the current pandemic, there is most likely going to be lean times ahead. Not that this has to be a doom and gloom depressing moment, as lean times are a great opportunity to streamline your operations and cut some of that unnecessary fat.  We know we all have some aspect of fluff in our life that is not getting the full extent of value in return for what we paid…For instance, that cable premier package that you never watch, that monthly subscription you never use, etc…  For organizations, this excess can come in the form of expensive software subscriptions that they are shackled to on a month to month basis.

What if I told you there is an option available where you can achieve invoice automation, customer and vendor portals, and employee expense management without breaking the bank?   DynamicPoint’s products can be licensed as either a one-time perpetual purchase or monthly subscription, both of which are offered at a fraction of the cost of competitors.  So you are probably thinking we achieve this lower cost by offering a less functional product, correct?  Well actually, no, we don’t.  We are able to keep our costs down because we offer our products on the Microsoft Office 365 framework, which provides the foundation for creating robust and flexible solutions at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

Check out our following products that all leverage the Office 365 Framework guaranteed to save you money:

      Customer, Vendor, Employee Portals

EasyAP365 (Invoice Processing)

Expense Management

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