Organizational Adoption of SharePoint


Although we have seen SharePoint deployed within an organization to satisfy varying business objectives, most companies follow a similar adoption schedule. At first, use is limited to basic functionality such as document management, and deployment is restricted to a subset of the user community. As the value of the application proves itself, more of the organization becomes involved and functionality demands increase. Before long, SharePoint will become an integral part of your organization’s application infrastructure.

As the sophistication of your company’s use of SharePoint increases, so will your needs for applications and customizations that integrate with ERP / CRM systems. This is where DynamicPoint can support your organization. In the early stages, take advantage of our standard product offerings and tailored workflow. As you become more comfortable with SharePoint, you will recognize processes that are specific to your organization that are in need of automation and traceability. Finally, you will recognize entire aspects of the business that are currently managed offline or in Microsoft Excel that are perfect candidates for being developed on the SharePoint platform.

For detail information about SharePoint, please refer to the Microsoft SharePoint Product Page.

Why Customers Love DynamicPoint

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  • Kellie and team I really appreciate all your help getting our customer’s project sorted out. It may not have been our ideal go live situation with the client’s old system going down suddenly, but you have been awesome about very quick responses, and getting things taken care of for us and the client. Thank you.

    Brenda N.,
    Senior Director, Technology Services | RSM US LLP

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  • IT systems are never perfect. The difference between a good and average (or poor) experience is made when a vendor proves themselves as a true business Partner by ensuring the customer is getting the value they expect from their product, it’s this character and culture of their team that validates my decision to partner with DynamicPoint.

    Chris E.,
    Director of Business and Quality Information Systems | OneBlood, Inc

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  • We have been so impressed with DynamicPoint’s solution and their people. They put in the time to make sure they can deliver what they promise,” concludes Amy. “You can tell they are very committed to their customers and made me feel like a priority through every question and conversation.

    Amy T.,
    Sr. Manager Business Applications & IT Support Services | CBORD

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  • DynamicPoint is very knowledgeable, quick turnaround times and great customer service. What they deliver is always what I asked for or more. One of my most favorite vendors!

    Shannon I.,
    Glidewell Laboratories

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  • Great expertise with both Microsoft Dynamics GP and SharePoint. DynamicPoint was very responsive and professional throughout the engagement. The product was exactly what was desired, and was bug free upon delivery. I highly recommend working with DynamicPoint for any GP customization or SharePoint development.

    Ron T.
    T.D. Williamson Inc.

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