I’m sure everyone that has lived through the first nine months of 2020 has their story of “what was supposed to happen” that as we all know, didn’t.  My kids were supposed to return to school after two weeks, our office was going to stay open, the vaccine would be ready in a couple of months and my gym was just closed for temporary cleaning.  Our conversations have included disclaimers to any further plans to let it be known that there is always a chance they may not happen.  We have all heard the clichés that nothing lasts forever, but never before has it been so real.

What relevance does this have for a software company that develops apps on a Microsoft Office 365 framework?  Nothing more than saying “we get it”.  And to put our action where our words are, we want to reduce the concerns of an uncertain world by removing our commitment for a 12-month term from our software licensing agreement.  What used to read as “The Term of Service shall be for one (1) year”, now states “The Term of Service shall be for one (1) month”.  So if your organization wants to sign up for a customer or vendor portal, AP invoice automation, or employee expense management and not have to worry about what tomorrow will bring, you can now do so.  Feel free to make your selection for a DynamicPoint Office 365 app one month at a time, just as we do everything these days it seems like.

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