How does your organization pay invoices that are received from vendors? Are they routed to the requesting manager for approval? Are they distributed using email or interoffice mail for review? Are some invoices in reference to a purchase order and need to be part of a three way match? If you are ready to automate this process the first step should be brainstorming your must-have features in a new Accounts Payable Processing application. No doubt your list will include all or the majority of the following:

  • Security – Not everyone should be able to see the invoice for the corporate jet or boat captain
  • Workflow – Based on the invoice received and maybe the amount, we need to determine who should review the invoice. This can be based on department, cost center or what the expense was for.
  • Email Notifications – Reviewers will need to be notified that they have an invoice to review
  • Tasks – In addition to email notifications, a reviewer will need a task to complete to ensure they have conducted the review. In addition, the task can be escalated if they are remiss on their duties.
  • Document Storage – Invoices are typically received via paper or pdf and we want to store these documents in a safe place. Not only do the reviewers need to see them but chances are we will want to archive them for future reference.
  • Integration – Integration with other systems such as Outlook or mobile devices. Ultimately upon approval we want this invoice to automatically create an Invoice Match (if related to a PO) or Accounts Payable invoice (if not related to a PO) directly in Dynamics.

The good news is you can find each of these features offered by SharePoint out-of-the-box. And in the case of invoice automation these SharePoint features are integral parts to constructing an application to automate the processing and approval of vendor invoices. DynamicPoint’s product takes it to the next level by supplying the glue that holds these pieces together and providing the required integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP and NAV.

With the approval of an invoice DynamicPoint automatically creates an invoice in Dynamics. Plus the GL distributions are automatically derived from the attributes that were in assigned to the invoice thru the review and approval process in SharePoint. Additionally, the product’s flexible configuration allows for employees to complete a Check Request while applying the same functionality for review, approval and integration with Dynamics.

In lieu of reinventing the wheel, DynamicPoint has leveraged key SharePoint building blocks to create an extremely robust yet very affordable Invoice Automation application that drives down invoice processing costs.

Mike Marcin, DynamicPoint – SharePoint Invoice Automation, Expense & Requisition Management applications built exclusively for the Microsoft Dynamics community.