At DynamicPoint we are very thankful to SharePoint since it is the foundation of our Expense Management, Invoice Automation and Requisition Management applications. Now don’t get me wrong the entire team is thankful for our families, our health, this country, our freedom, and I could go on and on but as we look to bring automation into the Microsoft Dynamics space SharePoint is the key piece in the development of each of our applications.

Therefore in the spirit of Thanksgiving, let me extend my thanks to just a few things about SharePoint that allow us to deliver highly configurable applications at a very low cost of ownership:

  • Workflow – At DynamicPoint we leverage the out-of-the-box workflow engine provided by SharePoint in order to meet customers’ requirements to trigger the review and approval of expense reports, invoices and requisitions. That is right no need to purchase additional workflow software! Watch Workflow Video.
  • Outlook Integration Email Notifications – A key success to any application is user adoption and with out-of-the-box integration to Outlook Email and Tasks our customers’ employees are notified that they have expenses, invoices and requisitions to review directly in their inbox! In addition, tasks can be escalated if an employee is remiss on their duties with nagging email and task reminders all within Outlook. See how simple it is to configure Outlook integration.
  • Reporting – SharePoint supports various methods of reporting with SharePoint List Views, Microsoft Excel, PowerPivot and Power View. You may leverage these Microsoft technologies to create spreadsheets, pivot tables and charts to interpret employee expenses, purchasing and invoicing in a way that is meaningful to you. The best part is that it is all provided using your existing investment in Microsoft technologies with no additional licensing cost. Watch Reporting Video options now.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and thank you for letting me extend my thanks to SharePoint!

Mike Marcin, DynamicPoint – SharePoint Invoice Automation, Expense & Requisition Management applications built exclusively for the Microsoft Dynamics community.