Almost everyone returning from a business trip brings receipts and used tickets back with them to submit with the proper form to their organization for reimbursement. Then comes the long wait for the money to arrive.

If long waits for reimbursement are typical of your company, it is probably still using paper-based expense management. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) was processing their expense reporting this way until recently, and they can tell you what typically happens during that long wait. The paper forms and attachments are received by the mail room, sent to accounts payable to be verified and keyed into the system, routed for approval, and sent to still another office for payment handling.

For ASCE, this paper-based process had to change—it was overwhelming! They manage reimbursements for 270 employees, reason enough to modernize the process, but that’s the easy part. They also take care of expenses for member volunteers who support association seminars and conferences, and these volunteers number into the thousands. Other factors also complicate the process. Could ASCE find an automated system able to successfully manage a load this big?

They did. After researching software solutions, ASCE found that DynamicPoint was just what they were looking for. DynamicPoint started with SharePoint Expense Reimbursement for Dynamics GP and customized it to fit ASCE’s needs exactly. For example, now employees and volunteers use a single sign on, and the approval process is automated.

If this DynamicPoint solution can work so well for ASCE’s complex expense-management needs, it certainly can work for yours.


By Mike Marcin, DynamicPoint – SharePoint Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics® ERP