In our demos, prospect meetings and webinars, we often hear how reasonably priced our EasyAP365 product is for AP automation.  Of course we are excited to hear this, as this is exactly what we are trying to achieve by using the Office 365 Platform to deliver a robust, flexible and easy-to-use AP automation solution.  It got us scratching our heads on exactly how much are we saving our clients. So like any good software company, we did some competitive research and put some numbers to it. Here are the results of our analysis.


For a real world example, let’s say you need to process a monthly quantity of 2,500 invoices. A quick Google search will return pages of software vendors. We selected one of the biggest AP Automation software applications in the marketplace as our primary competitor (who for obvious reasons, we will keep anonymous).

Both DynamicPoint and our competitor offer SaaS based pricing (DynamicPoint also offers a one-time license that we will keep out of this discussion for the sake of simplicity and comparing apples to apples).

Here are the one-time and monthly costs for processing 2,500 invoices:

EasyAP365 Pricing

After 3 years of using the other product, you are paying nearly 3 times as much as DynamicPoint’s EasyAP365 application. A natural question might be, am I compromising quality, features or functionality for a lower price? Not in the slightest. By using Office 365 as our platform, we have access to Microsoft Flow workflows, SharePoint security and design, integrated OCR, Microsoft Forms vendor on-boarding and check requests, all using a platform that you most likely already own.

So if paying almost 2/3 less of what you do now to process invoices sounds interesting, please give us a call so we can show you how capable our EasyAP365 application really is.


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By Mike Marcin, DynamicPoint
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