DynamicPoint has integrated its Office 365 based AP invoice automation product with MIP Fund Accounting by Community Brands.  MIP Fund Accounting provides a financial management system for nonprofits, municipalities, schools, associations, and medical care providers. The application was acquired in 2017 by another software company by the name of Abila.

DynamicPoint was approached by a nonprofit medical care provider seeking efficiencies in managing vendor invoices. The company was very impressed by DynamicPoint’s Office 365 based EasyAP365 accounts payable invoice automation solution.  The product is entirely built within the Office 365 ecosystem and leverages SharePoint for document retention and Power Automate for workflow. This architecture enables the product to be highly configurable and flexible in meeting the demands of MIP Fund Accounting users.  As a lot of municipalities and nonprofit organizations are already using Office 365, it was quite logical to leverage this platform to automate the processing and MIP Fund Accounting integration of vendor invoices.

Given DynamicPoint’s flexible architecture that utilizes an industry standard for interfaces with ERP and accounting systems, the company was able to offer its product with full integration to MIP Fund Accounting. This has added to the growing list of ERP systems that are compatible with DynamicPoint’s applications. The full list can be found on the company’s website integration page. Specifics on MIP Fund Accounting can be found on its dedicated MIP integration page. General features, recorded demos, and product pricing for DynamicPoint’s AP Invoice Automation product can be found on the EasyAP365 product page.