Microsoft Power Platform

Do you remember the days when we carried a separate device for playing music, getting directions and organizing our daily calendars?  What happened to all of these nifty gadgets?  Of course, the answer is we don’t use them anymore. And why? The answer is they are all available on our cell phones. So how did this happen? Did these manufacturers produce inferior products that were out-shined by the cell phone version? Perhaps that is true today but initially the answer was no. These products all died as the cell phone was already there for us, loaded with features and capabilities. And the costs of delivering these applications on an existing platform and hardware device was a fraction of what it was to create a separate one. We can blame the power of the platform for the death of these many products and more.

Now let’s extend this analogy to business applications. Our friends at Microsoft have put forth a cell phone equivalent platform for business productivity. This includes all the applications and features that reside within Office 365, including, Teams, Office Apps, SharePoint, Power Automate, Forms, PowerApps, Power BI (and the list goes on).  Introducing the Microsoft Power Platform:

The Mobile Phone of Business

For a solution vendor, this is a tremendous opportunity. By leveraging this robust platform and building applications on it, we can offer our solutions faster and more affordably than ever before. And just like our cell phone apps, they offer functionality that is much more advantageous than the competition at a fraction of the cost. And we have the platform to thank for this.

Putting the Platform to Work

Check out our Customer / Vendor PortalInvoice Automation and Employee Expense Applications that take full advantage of the Office 365 platform to deliver you robust applications at extraordinary prices.