An Office 365 Based AP Invoice Automation Solution

Streamline AP Processes

Flexible invoice capture with numerous submittal methods; from email, check request, mobile app or vendor portal options. Harness OCR and predefined app templates for automation with live integration to your ERP solution.

Robust and Cost Effective

By using your existing Office 365 subscription in conjunction with SharePoint and Microsoft Power Automate, you can achieve a robust invoice automation system with minimal costs to your organization.

Leverage What You Own

We have built in integration with Microsoft Power Automate workflows, SharePoint security and design, Power App check requests, integrated OCR and Microsoft Forms vendor on-boarding. All this using a platform that you most likely already own.

How It Works

Learn How EasyAP365 Automates AP Invoice Processing.

Monthly Product Pricing

$.75 per invoice

Initial 250-500 Invoices per month

$.65 per invoice

Next 1,000 Invoices over initial 500 per month 

$.45 per invoice

Next 2,000 Invoices over first 1,500 per month

*Add OCR for $.25 per invoice. Yes, we can handle more invoices. Please contact us. Want a custom quote? Complete our requirements gathering.

One-Time Configuration Packages


$5,000 setup fee

  • Application Install & Site Setup
  • Email & Upload Invoice Submission
  • Basic Accounting Setup
  • Standard Workflow Approval Template
  • Starter Vendor Template & Auto-Create Configuration
  • Real Time ERP Integration with Drill Back for Non-PO & PO Invoices

EasyAP365 Add-Ons

Estimate Provided

  • Multiple ERP Companies
  • Multi-Currency
  • Tax Accounting
  • User Defined Fields
  • Complex Accounting Setup
  • Additional Vendor & Invoice Auto-Create Templates
  • Custom ERP Mapping

Office 365 Add-Ons

Estimate Provided

  • Check Request &/or Mobile Invoice Submission
  • Complex Approval Processes
  • Separate PO/Non-PO Workflows
  • Vendor OCR Templates
  • New Vendor Onboarding
  • Power BI Reporting, KPIs and Accrual Reporting
  • Additional System Integrations
  • Vendor Portal
Confused on pricing?  Check out our calculator.

Automate Your
Invoice Processing

Office 365 Invoice Automation Solution


Live Integration with ERP

Our EasyAP365 app is integrated with your ERP system. When the invoice is approved it immediately creates the appropriate transaction in real-time and supports both PO and Non-PO invoices.

Office 365 Based

The product is based on your Microsoft’s Office 365 platform. This gives you full access to the suite of products including Microsoft Power Automate for Workflow, SharePoint for integrated OCR, Power BI for Analytics and Power Apps for mobile.

Automation Templates

Create unlimited allocation templates for both PO and Non-PO invoices based on vendors, departments, projects, etc… to auto-populate information and eliminate manual entry.

Check Request and Vendor Onboarding

The solution can accommodate diverse business processes such as vendor onboarding processes as well as internal check request invoice submittal.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

OCR is performed on the invoices to extract key information that can be used for workflow, routing and integration.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, allowing all aspects of the submission, processing, and review and approval to be managed directly from the Teams App.

Product Overview

Accounts payable automation (AP Automation) software enables organizations to efficiently process vendor invoices using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), automated workflows, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration. DynamicPoint’s EasyAP365 enables invoice automation within Microsoft Office 365. The EasyAP365 App manages the following three steps in the process:

  • Invoice receipt – Supports various invoice submission methods from email and portal upload to internal check request
  • Processing – OCR data extraction, review and approval of the invoice, accounting assignments and application of vendor templates
  • Integration – Automatic integration of the either PO or non-PO invoice with most market leading ERP applications

EasyAP365 Recorded Demonstration


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my data stored?

All your data is stored securely in your Office 365 tenant. Our solution passes such standards as HIPAA.

How long does an implementation take?

Our standard implementation timeframe is from 1-2 to months.

What is our implementation process?
Click here to view our Implementation Process timeline!
Is there a mobile app?

Yes, invoices can be submitted or reviewed from a mobile app.

Does EasyAP365 include approval workflows?

Yes, EasyAP365 may trigger Microsoft Power Automate to handle your desired approval processes.

Can I set it up myself?

Yes, if you are familiar with Office 365 technology you can configure your own implementation.

Can I enter invoices directly from Office 365?

Yes, EasyAP365 works within Office 365 so you don’t have to log in and out of apps.

How well does OCR work?

DynamicPoint has partnered with the best and most reliable Office 365 OCR tools in the marketplace and embedded their features in EasyAP365. If you want try and see for yourself, upload your own invoices here.

Which ERP systems do you integrate with?

Check out our integration page for the full list. Please contact us if you don’t see yours.

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