Invoice Automation That’s Microsoft Friendly

By leveraging the power of the Microsoft Office 365 platform, we created an automated, flexible and secure solution for your invoice processing.

Image showing the homepage of the EasyAP365 invoice automation application.

How EasyAP365 Works

In this 2 minute video you’ll learn how to save time, energy and resources with our AP invoice automation system.


Percentage of Data Stored in Office 365


Percentage of Requirements Met

Over Invoices Processed

Flexible Configuration

By using your existing Office 365 subscription in conjunction with SharePoint and Microsoft Power Automate, you can achieve an endlessly configurable invoice automation system with lower costs to your company.

Time Saving

Capture vendor invoices with flexible and numerous methods, including; from email, check request, mobile app or vendor portal options. Extract key data using OCR and predefined app templates for automation with live integration to your ERP solution.

Always Secure

We have built in integration with Power Automate workflows, SharePoint storage and design, Power App check requests and Azure AI Document Intelligence. All this using a platform that is backed with Microsoft security.

Simple ERP Integrations

EasyAP365 offers seamless, live integration with numerous ERPs. If you don’t see your application here, contact us and we can help.

Joe Ruiz, Finance Manager | SG360

I would like to personally thank you for your contributions to the successful implementation of DynamicPoint. Our Chief Information Officer mentioned “Great Work Team.  Thank you for all your efforts.  I received my first invoice for approval.  The experience was awesome!”

Chris E., Director| OneBlood, Inc

IT systems are never perfect. The difference between a good and average (or poor) experience is made when a vendor proves themselves by ensuring the customer is getting the value they expect, it’s this character of their team that validates my decision to partner with DynamicPoint.

Amy T., Sr. Manager | CBORD

We have been so impressed with DynamicPoint’s solution and their people. They put in the time to make sure they can deliver what they promise,” concludes Amy. “You can tell they are very committed to their customers and made me feel like a priority.

Shannon I. | Glidewell Laboratories

DynamicPoint is very knowledgeable, quick turnaround times and great customer service. What they deliver is always what I asked for or more. One of my most favorite vendors!

Ron T. | T.D. Williamson Inc.

DynamicPoint was very responsive and professional throughout the engagement. The product was exactly what was desired, and was bug free upon delivery. I highly recommend working with DynamicPoint.

Brenda N., Senior Director | RSM US LLP

Kellie and team I really appreciate all your help getting our customer’s project sorted out. It may not have been our ideal go live situation with the client’s old system going down suddenly, but you have been awesome about very quick responses, and getting things taken care of for us. Thank you.

3 Steps to Determine if DynamicPoint is Right for You

A simple evaluation of the type of organizations that benefit from our EasyAP365 accounts payable invoice automation product.


Office 365

The most important criteria is if you are a Microsoft Office 365 customer. Our EasyAP365 product leverages this framework.



We are most appreciated by companies looking for an extremely flexible and configurable solution that can be tailed to their unique business requirements.



Our EasyAP365 provides the automation of the receipt, OCR, management and approval of the invoice. An accounting system is needed for the payment.

EasyAP365 Features

Monthly Product Pricing

$1.00 per invoice

Initial 250-500 Invoices per month

$.90 per invoice

Next 1,000 Invoices over initial 500 per month 

$.70 per invoice

Next 2,000 Invoices over first 1,500 per month

*All prices listed in USD and include OCR. Yes, we can handle more invoices. Please contact us.

Learn more about pricing, take our discovery questionnaire to get a cost estimate or reach out to an expert directly.

Automate Your Invoice Process with EasyAP365

Speak to one of our experts today and see how EasyAP365 can help your business grow.

Process overview of how EasyAP365 works with Office 365 for invoice automation

What is Invoice Automation?

Accounts payable invoice automation (AP Automation) software enables organizations to efficiently process vendor invoices using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), automated workflows, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration. DynamicPoint’s EasyAP365 enables invoice automation within Microsoft Office 365. The EasyAP365 App manages the following three steps in the process:

  • Invoice Receipt – Supports various invoice submission methods from email and portal upload to internal check request
  • Invoice Processing – OCR data extraction, review and approval of the invoice, accounting assignments and application of vendor templates
  • Integration – Automatic integration of the either PO or non-PO invoice with most market leading ERP applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Office 365 for AP Invoice Automation?

Microsoft Office 365 and the Power Platform provide the perfect framework as all of the building blocks of invoice automation are already there and our customers already own them. EasyAP365 harnesses Office 365 features to provide a better solution at a lower cost than the competition. Invoices are stored in SharePoint libraries and lists, workflow is provided by Power Automate, collaboration by Teams, security by Azure AD, mobility by Power Apps, and reporting by Power BI. All of these products are the foundation of our customer’s business as well as our invoice automation application.

Where is my data stored?

All your data is stored securely in your Office 365 tenant, either cloud based or on-premise. Our solution passes such standards as HIPAA and The Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA).

How long does an implementation take?

Our standard implementation timeframe is from 1-2 to months. This can of course vary based on requirements and complexity.

What is our implementation process?
Click here to view our Implementation Process timeline!
Is there a mobile app?

Yes, invoices can be submitted or reviewed from a mobile app. All of invoice automation including the submission, review and processing of invoices can occur from a mobile phone.

Does EasyAP365 include approval workflows?

Yes, EasyAP365 may trigger Microsoft Power Automate to handle your desired approval processes.

Can I set it up myself?

Yes, if you are familiar with Office 365 technology you can configure your own implementation.

Can I enter invoices directly from Office 365?

Yes, EasyAP365 works within Office 365 so you don’t have to log in and out of apps. This includes the use of emails, Teams, or check request submission of vendor invoices.

How well does OCR work?

DynamicPoint has partnered with the best and most reliable Office 365 OCR tools in the marketplace and embedded their features in EasyAP365. If you want try and see for yourself, upload your own invoices here.

Which ERP systems do you integrate with?

Check out our EasyAP365 ERP integration page for the full list of ERP applications integrated with our EasyAP365 product. Please contact us if you don’t see yours.