EasyAP365 Invoice Automation Video Library

Welcome to the DynamicPoint Office 365 EasyAP365 AP Invoice Automation Product video gallery. If you are interested in just a quick overview of the application, watch the Product Overview video. If you’d like to see a product demonstration, check out the Full Demo. Otherwise, you can see specific product functionality in the feature highlight videos below.

Product overview of EasyAP365, Office 365 invoice automation
A short introduction to our Office 365 based invoice automation application. (Length 2:15)
A full demonstration of EasyAP365, Office 365 AP invoice automation

A brief, summarized recorded demo of the product. (Length 2:52)

A full demonstration of EasyAP365, Office 365 AP invoice automation
A complete end-to-end full length recorded demo of the product. (Length 15:51)
EasyAP365 branding capabilities
A SharePoint interface configured specific to your AP invoice business process. (Length 1:34)
Feature highlights of EasyAP365 Power Automate Workflow
Our app leverages Microsoft Power Automate for routing invoices for approval. (Length 2:23)
Feature highlights of EasyAP365 ERP accounting integration
Represent your company’s financial structures and GL account integration. (Length 2:22)
Feature highlights of EasyAP365 user defined fields for extensibility
Create your own fields to capture the information specific to your company. (Length 1:42)
Feature highlights of EasyAP365 accounting allocation templates
Templates are used for the automatic assignment of accounting details. (Length 2:33)
Feature highlights of EasyAP365 main dashboard for processing AP invoices
This is the main dashboard where the AP team can manage all invoices. (Length 2:29)
Feature highlights of EasyAP365 OCR capabilities
Learn how we utilize cloud based OCR tools with Office 365 libraries. (Length 2:00)
Feature highlights of EasyAP365 ERP integration
Details on how we integrate with the various ERP applications on the market. (Length 1:37)