EasyEXP365 Expense Management Video Library

Welcome to the DynamicPoint Office 365 EasyEXP365 Employee Expense Management Product video gallery. If you are interested in just a quick overview of the application, watch the Product Overview video. If you’d like to see a product demonstration, check out the Quick or Full Demo. Otherwise, you can see specific product functionality in the feature highlight videos below. You can also review a presentation or download a datasheet.

Product overview of EasyEXP365, Office 365 employee expense management
A short introduction to our Office 365 based employee expense application. (Length 2:20)
A full demonstration of EasyEXP365, Office 365 employee expense management
A brief, summarized recorded demo of the product. (Length 6:17)
A full demonstration of EasyEXP365, Office 365 employee expense management
A complete end-to-end full length recorded demo of the product. (Length 10:45)
EasyEXP365 branding capabilities
A SharePoint interface configured specific to your employee expense process. (Length 1:25)
Feature highlights of EasyEXP365 Power Automate Workflow
Our app leverages Microsoft Power Automate for routing expenses for approval. (Length 1:43)
Feature highlights of EasyEXP365 ERP accounting integration
Represent your company’s financial structures and GL account integration. (Length 1:59)
Feature highlights of EasyEXP365 user defined fields for extensibility
Create your own fields to capture the information specific to your company. (Length 1:59)
Feature highlights of EasyEXP365 mileage calculation and reimbursement
Use Google Maps to automatically calculate driving distance and reimburse auto travel. (Length 1:55)
Feature highlights of EasyEXP365 corporate credit card functionality
Include corporate credit card transactions that are received from a live data feed. (Length 1:49)
Feature highlights of EasyEXP365 mobile device features
Create expense reports directly from your mobile device using Power Apps. (Length 2:56)
Feature highlights of EasyEXP365 policy rule engine
Create business rules to enforce your company’s expense management policies. (Length 1:43)
Feature highlights of EasyEXP365 OCR capabilities
Learn how we utilize cloud based OCR tools for receipt data extraction. (Length 2:35)
Feature highlights of EasyEXP365 main dashboard for processing employee expenses
This is the main dashboard where the employees can manage their expenses. (Length 2:10)
Feature highlights of EasyEXP365 ERP integration
Details on how we integrate with the various ERP applications on the market. (Length 1:41)

  • I would like to personally thank you for your contributions to the successful implementation of DynamicPoint. Our Chief Information Officer mentioned “Great Work Team.  Thank you for all your efforts.  I received my first invoice for approval.  The experience was awesome!”

    Joe Ruiz
    Finance Manager – SG360

    EasyAP365 – Invoice Automation Testimony
  • Kellie and team I really appreciate all your help getting our customer’s project sorted out. It may not have been our ideal go live situation with the client’s old system going down suddenly, but you have been awesome about very quick responses, and getting things taken care of for us and the client. Thank you.

    Brenda N.,
    Senior Director, Technology Services | RSM US LLP

    DynamicPoint Implementation Partner Testimonial
  • IT systems are never perfect. The difference between a good and average (or poor) experience is made when a vendor proves themselves as a true business Partner by ensuring the customer is getting the value they expect from their product, it’s this character and culture of their team that validates my decision to partner with DynamicPoint.

    Chris E.,
    Director of Business and Quality Information Systems | OneBlood, Inc

    DynamicPoint Implementation Team Testimonial
  • We have been so impressed with DynamicPoint’s solution and their people. They put in the time to make sure they can deliver what they promise,” concludes Amy. “You can tell they are very committed to their customers and made me feel like a priority through every question and conversation.

    Amy T.,
    Sr. Manager Business Applications & IT Support Services | CBORD

    DynamicPoint Office 365 Product Testimonial
  • DynamicPoint is very knowledgeable, quick turnaround times and great customer service. What they deliver is always what I asked for or more. One of my most favorite vendors!

    Shannon I.,
    Glidewell Laboratories

    Dynamics Service and Support Testimonial
  • DynamicPoint was very responsive and professional throughout the engagement. The product was exactly what was desired, and was bug free upon delivery. I highly recommend working with DynamicPoint.

    Ron T.
    T.D. Williamson Inc.

    Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint Testimonial