Dynamics NAV

DynamicPoint has developed integrations with Dynamics NAV and maintains these integrations for customers that have not yet migrated to Business Central.

Our integration with Dynamics NAV uses the product’s native REST (ODATA) web services that are provided by Microsoft.  Any page can be made available from within Dynamic NAV with just the click of a button to publish it. As NAV is typically deployed to on-premise servers, we utilize Azure Hybrid Connections to establish secure communication with these endpoints without the need to make them publicly facing. All of the products have two way integrations such that data can be read as well as updated back to Dynamics NAV.

Read more about the specific product integrations below:

Customer & Vendor Portals

Create a customer, vendor or employee portal with integration to Dynamics NAV using SharePoint. Display information from the Dynamics NAV customer record, updates after sales approval, create new orders, show payment status or even allow customers to create service cases with integration to NAV.  Using our vendor portal you can collaborate with your trusted partners to view their purchases orders, confirm shipments, provide fulfillment details or see invoice payment status.

Customer & Vendor Portals
EasyAP365 - Invoice Automation

Are you still processing vendor invoices using email? Did you think an enterprise grade AP automation solution was out of your reach? Well look no further. Accounts payable (AP) automation software enables organizations to efficiently process vendor invoices using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), automated workflows, and accounting system integration. DynamicPoint’s EasyAP365 AP Invoice Automation solution is an Office 365 based product that works with Dynamics NAV. The solution automates the receipt of invoices from vendors, processing, workflow, and creation of accounts payable or purchasing transactions in Dynamics NAV. Functionality is included for both Purchase Order (PO) as well as non-PO invoices.

The Process

Invoice automation generally comes down to the following three major steps:

  1. Receipt of the invoice from the vendor
  2. Workflow for managerial review
  3. Integration with your Accounting / ERP system for posting and payment

For each of these processes, DynamicPoint’s EasyAP365 application uses Office 365 technology to streamline your accounts payable team by eliminating manual work and establishing consistency and auditability.

The Benefit

By leveraging Microsoft’s Power Platform, including SharePoint for document storage, Power Automate for Workflow, and integrated OCR, we provide a robust and flexible solution that is cost effective as it leverages what our customers already own. As we are not building it all from scratch, you get a better product for less cost. Not to mention your team will already be familiar with the interface as they use it already. If you are using Microsoft Teams, you will be happy to hear we are fully integrated with Microsoft Teams, allowing all aspects of the submission, processing, and review / approval to be managed directly from the Teams App.

To learn more about how EasyAP365 works and its use of Office 365 and benefit to Dynamics NAV users, check out product page:

EasyEXP365 - Employee Expense Reimbursement

Employee Expense Management for Dynamics NAV within Office 365. Employee out of pocket and corporate credit card expenses are coded directly to Dynamics NAV GL accounts, dimensions and jobs. Depending on the type of expense recorded, purchase invoices are created for employee payment or general journal entries are written to account for corporate credit card transactions.


Leverage the Native Web Services to Enable Endpoints:

Dynamics NAV Web Services