Portals for Microsoft SQL Server

Are you a SQL Server user and looking to provide your business customers or vendors with a 24/7 self-service online portal solution? Did you think an enterprise grade extranet platform was out of your reach? What if there was an option to leverage what you already own to share content and data directly from SQL Server? That is exactly what DynamicPoint has accomplished.  We have brought together SQL Server, Office 365, and lastly, our SharePoint Portal app to provide an extensible Office 365 SharePoint based business-to-business (B2B) portal solution to share data, reports, and enable business automation with full compatibility to SQL Server.

What are SQL Server Portal Examples?

A SQL Server portal allows your customers or vendors to interact with content that you have shared with them. This may include files, videos, events, or information from SQL.
Here are some common examples:

Architecture of DynamicPoint Office 365 Portal Application with SQL Server

SharePoint Portal Working with SQL Server


Customer Portal Vendor Portal
SQL Sales Orders SQL Purchase Orders
SQL Service Cases SQL Shipments
SQL Customer Invoices SQL Vendor Invoices
SQL Customer Inventory SQL Supplier Inventory

How does DynamicPoint’s SharePoint Portal work with SQL Server?

DynamicPoint’s approach is to fully support SQL Server as the accounting system of record. We query all data directly from the application, as well as include the ability to edit or create transactions. There are no syncs or data being moved from one system to the other.  We instead use live integration to deliver seamless SQL Server compatibility.

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