On September 30, 2024, Business Connectivity Services (BCS) will be completely retired in Microsoft Office 365. This means BCS will no longer be available and cannot be overwritten. Full details for the announcement can be found here.

Business Connectivity Services is a tool to connect SharePoint to external data sources — such as your ERP, CRM, or SQL database — with SharePoint lists and libraries. This is helpful in providing visibility to external data, directly from SharePoint.

Note: This retirement only affects SharePoint online and there is no impact to SharePoint on-prem implementations.


Where to Go

DynamicPoint Portal App is the best solution to replace BCS. The Portal App offers a robust platform for external data connectivity that is compatible with Office 365 — with more features!


Benefits of DynamicPoint Portal App

  1. Power Automate and Power BI integration.
  2. Live Integration with ERP/CRM: The portal is a window to the business data your ERP and CRM system. There are no replications or syncs.
  3. Office 365 Based: The product is based on your Microsoft’s Office 365 platform.
  4. Multi-Purpose: Create customer, vendor, and employee portals with one application.
  5. SharePoint Content Management: Leverage SharePoint collaboration tools — document libraries, workflows, news feeds, asset libraries, blogs, wikis, analytics and so much more.
  6. Report and File Exchange: Generate existing ERP/CRM reports and forms online — including sales orders, invoices, purchase orders, and spec sheets.
  7. Extensibility: Integrate with Payment Processing to accept credit cards, add chat services, include electronic signature… just to name a few.

Why Not Power Apps?

Microsoft recommends organizations transition to Power Apps as an alternative. Power Apps is a viable option for internal users of a company, but what about external users? External access to Power Apps, through guest accounts, requires multiple additional licenses.

Furthermore, Power Apps must be built to your specifications. Recreating your data interface may require a lot of work and effort.

DynamicPoint Portal App is the simple solution for a smooth transition out of Business Connectivity Resources. Visit our product page to learn more.