AP Automation for Epicor ERP

Are you a Epicor user that is still managing vendor invoices using email? Did you think an enterprise grade AP automation solution that integrates with Epicor was out of your reach? What if there was an option to leverage what you already own to automate accounts payable workflow, namely Office 365? That is exactly what DynamicPoint has accomplished.  We have brought together Epicor, Office 365, and lastly, our EasyAP365 accounts payable invoice processing application to cost effectively receive, route for approval, and create the appropriate accounts payable transaction in Epicor ERP for vendor invoices.

Why Do I need Invoice Automation with Epicor?

EasyAP365 automate the otherwise manual receipt, processing, approval and Epicor integration of accounts payable vendor invoices. Purchase Order (PO) invoices are matched direct to the POs that exist within Epicor. Non-PO invoices are coded to Epicor general ledger accounts.


Process Flow for automation of AP Invoices with Office 365 and Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP Invoice Automation with EasyAP365


How does DynamicPoint’s EasyAP365 work with Epicor ERP?

DynamicPoint’s approach is to continue to fully support Epicor as the accounting system of record. We query vendors directly from the application, validate GL accounts, verify invoices are not duplicates and ultimately create the accounts payable or purchasing transaction directly in Epicor ERP.  There are no syncs or data being moved from one system to the other.  We instead use live integration to deliver seamless Epicor compatibility.

Want to learn more?

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