Microsoft Dynamics GP

Although DynamicPoint products have expanded to have integrations with other ERP and CRM products, our first integration was with Dynamics GP.  Our portal, invoice automation (EasyAP365) and employee expense management (EasyEXP365) Office 365 apps all offer out of the box integration with Dynamics GP.

We achieve our integration with Dynamics GP using the product’s native web services.  This API (application program interface) provides a robust toolset for Dynamics GP integration that leverage’s the applications business logic and is in accordance with the Microsoft suggested best practices. All of the products have two way integrations such that data can be read as well as written.

Read more about the specific product integrations below:

Customer & Vendor Portals

Create a customer, vendor or employee portal with integration to Dynamics GP using SharePoint. Display information from the Dynamics GP customer record, updates after sales approval, create new orders, show payment status or even allow customers to create service cases with integration to Dynamics GP.  Using our vendor portal you can collaborate with your trusted partners to view their purchases orders, confirm shipments, provide fulfillment details or see invoice payment status.

Customer & Vendor Portals
EasyAP365 - Invoice Automation

Accounts payable invoice automation for Dynamics GP within Office 365. The EasyAP365 invoice automation product has a two way integration with GP to query vendors, purchase orders and shipments.  Depending on the invoice type, a payable transaction, invoice match or shipment/invoice transaction is created upon invoice approval.


EasyEXP365 - Employee Expense Reimbursement

Employee Expense Management for Dynamics GP within Office 365. Employee out of pocket and corporate credit card expenses are coded directly to GP GL accounts. Depending on the type of expense recorded, payables are created for employee payment or journal entries are written to account for corporate credit card transactions.

EasyEXP365 Dynamics GP Case Study

Dynamics GP Applications

DynamicPoint leverages the Microsoft provided integration framework of Dynamics GP to access the business data and application’s interface validation logic. By utilizing the tools provided we ensure our Office 365 apps do not interfere with Microsoft’s support of the application and mitigate any complications that could otherwise arise in an upgrade.

The diagram below depicts the incorporation of DynamicPoint’s products with the Dynamics GP integration architecture and use of standard application communication technologies.