Have you checked out accounts payable automation solutions only to find they are extremely high priced and only make sense if you are processing several thousands of vendor invoices a month? Well, meet DynamicPoint’s EasyAP365 – the AP automation for the rest of us. We are the solution for those of us who thought we couldn’t afford AP automation.

How much does it cost?

Unlike other AP automation software companies, we put our pricing directly on our website. We have shopped around and found we are typically anywhere from one-half to one-third less than our competitors. There is no need to contact us or talk to some sales rep for hours in order to get a price. Just go right to our product page. From there you will find pricing as well as a calculator that will show you upfront and reoccurring costs.

Why would we do this when no one else does?  It is because we are proud of our price and confident you will find it a well-valued application. So, there is no need to hide it -we would rather brag about it!

How are you so much less than other products?

When Elon Musk started off to build a new electric car, he didn’t start a tire factory. Why? Because that already existed of course. Why build something new if it already exists? DynamicPoint’s EasyAP365 invoice automation solution is entirely Office 365-based. Our development approach is to leverage what our customers already own. For us, that means full use of the Microsoft Power Platform. Invoices are stored in SharePoint libraries and lists, workflow is provided by Power Automate, collaboration by Teams, security by Azure AD, mobility by Power Apps, and reporting by Power BI. All of these products are the foundation of our customer’s business as well as our invoice automation application.

Does low cost mean it sucks?

We get it.  There is a correlation between cost and perceived value. The old saying “you get what you pay for”. This is time-tested and we are not arguing it. The part you must consider is our value comes from the fact that we are leveraging an investment you have already made. It is like saying you need more room in your house.  Do you buy another house or just add an addition? EasyAP365 leverages the vast array of functionality provided by Office 365 and harnesses its power to provide invoice automation. We dare you to find a more robust workflow than Power Automate, a more feature-rich document management system than SharePoint, and a better reporting tool than Power BI. All of these work together in conjunction with EasyAP365 to provide you robust, yet affordable, AP invoice automation. You do get the best of both worlds. We are not breaking any price/value laws of the universe, but rather just creating a solution using a platform our customers have already purchased.

Why does this all sound familiar?

Does a GPS, PDA, camera, video recorder, calculator, music player, or flashlight draw any parallels? Of course, these were all standalone devices that are now available on a mobile phone. It was better and cheaper to just use a mobile phone for the functionality these devices used to provide. Not only did we get a better, more feature-rich product, but we don’t have to buy and carry around another device.

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