Are you looking for an easy, cost-effective way to manage employee corporate credit card expenditures? For a lot of companies that we speak with, this process is manual and labor-intensive. It usually involves receiving a statement at the end of the month and then trying your best to email employees in an attempt to determine which accounts these expenditures should be assigned to.  Depending on your volume, this process can be unmanageable and similar to herding cats.

Presented with this challenge DynamicPoint has created a Power App solution that automates this process, EasyEXP365.  The solution entails the following:

  1. Credit card transactions are daily fed into Office 365 using a live feed with your banking institution
  2. These transactions are assigned to employees based on the card issued to them
  3. From a mobile or desktop Power App, employees can assign these transactions to the appropriate job or expense type (GL account)
  4. Coded transactions are routed for workflow (using Power Automate) or directly integrated with your ERP system as a journal entry
  5. Transactions are easily reconciled with the monthly statement when it is received

The process looks something like this:



Here is a screenshot of the employee’s Power App in which they can easily review their transactions, upload supporting receipts and submit for approval or integration into your accounting system:













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