Using Cloud Based OCR with Office 365 for AP Invoice Automation

Come join us to learn how you can use cloud-based OCR with Office 365 to automate your AP invoice processes. OCR is a technology utilized to recognize and extract key data fields from image files, and is a productive tool for invoice automation. Invoices are generally received via pdf files, or are scanned in from a paper invoice, and manually input. This can lead to multiple errors and tedious work. By using automatic extraction of key fields, a lot of time and effort can be saved. The agenda includes:

–  Integrating OCR with Office 365
–  The different types of OCR tools available
–  Key fields that can be recognized
–  Using the results of OCR for invoice automation
–  Processing and ERP Integration

We will demonstrate how each of these steps can be managed directly from Office 365 using the framework you already own.