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Accounts Payable Invoice Automation ROI Calculator

DynamicPoint’s AP Invoice Automation product, EasyAP365, typically provides a very favorable return on investment in a short period of time.  To illustrate this, we’ve created the AP Invoice Automation ROI Calculator to determine your organization’s return on investment by automating account payable invoices. It’s super easy to use and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Simply follow 5 easy steps…

1.  Choose which EasyAP365 product licensing you would require (Basic or Professional).

2.  Add the average salary of those resources involved in accounts payable process.

3.  Indicate the number of AP employees involved in vendor invoice processing and the percentage of AP time spent processing vendor invoices.

4.  Add the average manager employee salary and the percentage of managerial time spent reviewing and approving.

5.  Input how much in vendor discounts you’re missing due to a slow approval and processing process that you can now expect to capture.

     *Results will vary and are dependent on variables added in each case.

CLICK HERE to try the Accounts Payable Invoice Automation ROI Calculator and see what you could be saving.

You can also check out our recent demo videos, view pricing details or schedule a 1:1 product demonstration.

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HIPAA Compliant Invoice Automation by DynamicPoint

DynamicPoint now offers a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) compliant OCR option for its accounts payable invoice automation product, EasyAP365.  The product also meets the requirements as set forth by PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act) for Canadian based customers.

Being a Microsoft Office 365 based solution, the receipt, storage and processing of vendor AP invoices using EasyAP365 already meets HIPAA requirements.  Details in regards to Microsoft’s adhesion with the law can be found here.   The company is also willing to enter into a business associate agreement (BAA) that is made available to customers with an online service contract.

This addition now provides our healthcare customers with an Office 365 based, AP automation solution that provides all the functionality and flexibility of much pricier solutions at a fraction of the cost.

Discover how DynamicPoint EasyAP365 application will streamline your AP process!

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FREE WEBINAR: Portal Crash Course – 6 Sample Portals in 30 Minutes

Join DynamicPoint for this informative 30-minute webinar in which we showcase the flexibility and many uses of DynamicPoint’s Office 365 Portal Application.  We plan to showcase the possibilities of how you can use this application by featuring the following samples:

  1. Customer Sales Portal – Focused on sharing customer orders and invoices, including order entry.
  2. Vendor Purchasing Portal – Collaborate on purchase orders assigned to vendors, and enable the entry of PO status and shipping details.
  3. Service Portal – Create new service cases and see the status of existing open service requests.
  4. Manufacturing Portal – Share the status of open production orders, bill of material structures and inventory status.
  5. Job Cost Portal – Visibility to open jobs, change requests and subcontractor management.
  6. Vendor Onboarding – Manage the gathering of documentation for new vendor requests, routing for internal approval, and vendor creation in the ERP system.

All of these examples can be achieved by using the same portal application provided by DynamicPoint.  We have learned from experience that a portal means something different to each customer, and our product is built as a configurable, extensible product to accommodate unique requirements.

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Job Cost Management Employee Portal

DynamicPoint’s Office 365 Portal application is a flexible platform that can be used to enable a customer, vendor and employee portal all through the power of a single app.  The most recent customer showcase for the portal app was an internal job cost portal.  The job cost portal enabled job cost collaboration with ERP job management details including:

  • Job status and percentage of completion
  • Invoices and financial details by job
  • Subcontractor management and status
  • Contract financial summary
  • View, edit and create change orders

The Job Cost Portal offers many robust features, such as:

The Job Cost Portal Dashboard – The dashboard, as seen below, provides an easy-to-read overview of the progress and status of projects.

Job Status – The Job Status component provides job details by using customized filters.

Subcontractors – This component allows you to search and select subcontractors and is capable of attaching contracts as needed.

Change Orders – Easily create, edit and submit change orders.


There are endless possibilities available through the flexibility of the portal platform in conjunction with Office 365.

Interested in Learning More About our Portal?

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FREE WEBINAR: Working with Customer, Vendor and/or Employee Portals | Hosted by VOXISM (a DynamicPoint Partner)

Are you looking to improve customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and improve efficiencies at your company? SharePoint web portals do just that while providing 24/7 self-service access to critical data. In this webinar, hosted by VOXISM, a DynamicPoint partner, we’ll show you how to create an Office 365 SharePoint portal that can improve access to customer, vendor or employee information and integrate directly with your ERP or CRM system.

SharePoint is an ideal dashboard platform offering the building blocks for document management, workflow, and analytics, but also the flexibility to design the portal specific to your customer and vendor requirements by extending key data.

Learn how you can improve operational efficiencies and advance your business with an affordable and easy-to-implement Customer, Vendor or Employee Portal. The options are really endless, but here are some of the examples we will cover:


  • View order details and create new ​transactions
  • Manage company contact information
  • View inventory​
  • Print statements​
  • Pay invoices
  • Open support cases or return requests​


  • View purchase orders and provide updates​
  • Provide fulfillment status and shipping details​
  • Manage inventory​
  • Vendor onboarding, including W-9 and company forms​
  • See existing payment status and submit new​invoices
  • Share KPIs and performance goals

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FREE WEBINAR: Automate AP Invoice Processing with Office 365

Learn how to manage your Microsoft Office 365 subscription to automate your accounts payable processing using included applications such as:

  • SharePoint – Invoice Receipt and Document Repository
  • Power Automate (Flow) – Routing for vendor invoice review and approval
  • PowerApps – Enabling internal employee check request submission
  • Power BI – Reporting and analytics

Next, discover how DynamicPoint’s AP Invoice Automation application, EasyAP365, leverages all these tools to deliver you a robust and flexible invoice automation solution at a fraction of the cost of the competitors. Topics include:

  • Creation of a check request for invoice submission
  • Processing of Invoices without a Purchase Order
  • Processing of Invoices related to Purchase Order with or without a separate goods receipt
  • Integration with Microsoft Power Automate (Previously called Flow)

The resulting process is as follows:

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HIPAA Compliant AP Invoice Automation

DynamicPoint now provides healthcare customers a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for its EasyAP365 invoice automation product. It also meets the requirements set forth by PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act) for Canadian-based customers. Since EasyAP365 is based in Microsoft’s Office 365, the receipt, storage and processing of vendor invoices within the product already complies with HIPAA requirements as well. View more on Microsoft’s HIPAA Act here

Invoice Automation increases productivity, reduces costs, minimizes errors and eliminates paper.

  • Live integration with ERP – invoice is approved and appropriate transaction is created in real-time
  • OCR – extract key information that can be used for workflow, routing and integration
  • PO and Non-PO Invoice Support – invoices are matched to specific Purchase Orders or can also be entered without a match
  • Allocation Templates – auto-populate information and eliminate manual entry
  • Mobile Approval – review and approve invoices on your mobile device

Discover how DynamicPoint EasyAP365 application will streamline your AP process!

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EasyAP365 for Remote Work

DynamicPoint EasyAP365 Invoice Automation application assists to enable a smooth transition to a mobile, work-from-anywhere, environment.

Invoice Automation

  • Send new invoices to OCR for data extraction using their mobile device, email or portal upload
  • Route invoices for approval using the mobile app or Microsoft Teams integration, utilizing Microsoft Power Automate (Flow) for workflow
  • Store and access invoices and documents in a document management system such as SharePoint, Box, Dropbox or OneDrive
  • Obtain and manage electronic signatures
  • Electronically send W-9 forms to vendors in PDF

Learn more about this functionality with our EasyAP365 application.


You can also check out our recent demo videos, view pricing details or schedule a 1:1 product demonstration.

DynamicPoint Portals for Enabling Remote Work

As governments and businesses take precautionary measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the ability to work remotely has come to the forefront to continue commerce.

At DynamicPoint, our applications assist to enable a smooth transition to a mobile, work-from-anywhere environment.


  • Employee Portals provide your workforce access to ERP data, transactions and reports from a mobile-friendly interface
  • Customer Portals enable your customers to enter orders, check on the status of service cases and pay invoices without the need for employee time and effort
  • Vendor Portals empower your partners to provide status on open purchase orders, share shipping specifics and present fulfillment details on their own schedule

These are just a few ways in which our portal application can be utilized, but the possibilities are limitless. Learn more about these options with our Customer and Vendor Portal application.


In the meantime, you can check out our recent demo videos, view pricing details or schedule a 1:1 product demonstration.

Why Customers Love DynamicPoint

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  • Kellie and team I really appreciate all your help getting our customer’s project sorted out. It may not have been our ideal go live situation with the client’s old system going down suddenly, but you have been awesome about very quick responses, and getting things taken care of for us and the client. Thank you.

    Brenda N.,
    Senior Director, Technology Services | RSM US LLP

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  • IT systems are never perfect. The difference between a good and average (or poor) experience is made when a vendor proves themselves as a true business Partner by ensuring the customer is getting the value they expect from their product, it’s this character and culture of their team that validates my decision to partner with DynamicPoint.

    Chris E.,
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  • We have been so impressed with DynamicPoint’s solution and their people. They put in the time to make sure they can deliver what they promise,” concludes Amy. “You can tell they are very committed to their customers and made me feel like a priority through every question and conversation.

    Amy T.,
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  • DynamicPoint is very knowledgeable, quick turnaround times and great customer service. What they deliver is always what I asked for or more. One of my most favorite vendors!

    Shannon I.,
    Glidewell Laboratories

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  • Great expertise with both Microsoft Dynamics GP and SharePoint. DynamicPoint was very responsive and professional throughout the engagement. The product was exactly what was desired, and was bug free upon delivery. I highly recommend working with DynamicPoint for any GP customization or SharePoint development.

    Ron T.
    T.D. Williamson Inc.

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