In today’s increasingly mobile world, customers are demanding faster and more reliable service and support- anytime, from anywhere. With DynamicPoint’s customer service portal, your customers can create service or customer support cases using a mobile application with direct integration to your ERP or CRM application. You can see existing cases, make edits to the status or severity of a ticket, or create new ones directly from a phone or tablet, while giving your customers the self-service capability to request support when they need it most. This feature has been added to DynamicPoint’s existing web portals using the functionality of Microsoft PowerApps and is a perfect complement for the mobile workforce.

Service Cases in ERP

For some clients, service cases are managed directly within their ERP application.  This approach allows for integration with resource allocation, utilization management, inventory, and of course, cost accounting.  Such applications as Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central Service Management, Dynamics GP Field Service, Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Case Management, Key2Act Signature and others offer many features for the management and operation of your service organization.  DynamicPoint’s portal solution allows your customers to log on and interact directly with this information in a secure fashion.

Here is a sample of what a customer portal dashboard would look like using our portal product:


Such features as creating new service calls, printing service call reports and editing existing information can be added with simple configuration:

A web layout may work for some users, but others require a more mobile friendly interface that they can use on the go.  Here is a sample of what their Google Play or iPhone app delivered using Microsoft PowerApps would look like:

Including the ability to see details and edit existing cases:

As well as create new ones:

Service Cases in CRM

Other customers are looking to manage support case within their CRM system.  This approach allows for the integration with sales and marketing efforts, including serving as a centralized location for all customer contact and engagement management.

The basic principles of the portal and app are the same as with ERP integration, with slight differences in calls to action:

And the mobile app can be configured specifically for your company’s business requirements, including approval, email / mobile notifications and other workflow functions:

With the flexibility and portability of DynamicsPoint’s Office 365 portal apps, you get to define your own unique business requirements, branding and fields of interest.  This is because DynamicPoint brings the best together with a cloud application that is deployed and configured directly on your Office 365 tenant.  This method is also highly secure as we rely on the security provided by the Microsoft 365 framework working together with your ERP/CRM application.  There is no concern of data being hosted elsewhere on some else’s platform.  It all remains within your control.

If you are interested in learning more about DynamicsPoint’s Office 365 Customer Portal check out our demonstration video below or contact us for a more personalized demo for your business.

By Mike Marcin, DynamicPoint
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